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Raquel Aleman is a singer-songwriter from Madison, WI. Whether she's working with a producer, sitting at a keyboard and singing, or performing with a full band, you'll always catch a heavy 90's R&B vibe while listening to her music. 

Raquel has released one studio album ("Energy"), three EP's ("The Ride", "Ooh, Boys!", and "Seasonality"), seven singles, and is featured on Captain Smooth's EP, "Destinato". You can also hear her vocals on Jah Boogie & Dub Foundation (Spiritual Work), Dogs of War (Unleashed), and David Deon & The Soul Inspirations (Let it Go). 

In addition to performing her originals, Raquel loves to put her own spin on covers. Drawing influence from all genres, you never know what she'll cover next. Check out her YouTube channel for 80+ cover videos!

Formerly singing with her dad's Afro-Cuban Jazz and World Beat band, "¡Que-Flavor!", as well as "Weapons of Mass Defunktion", Raquel is now performing as a solo artist,as well as with the following projects:

Jah Boogie Project (w/ Dub Foundation) - backup vocals/keys

The Periodicals - keyboard

Don't Mess With Cupid - vocals

Wild Violets - vocals and keys

Raquel Aleman & Friends - vocals and keys


Madison, WIsconsin, USA

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music samples

Avoidant - Raquel Aleman
Hypnotized - Raquel Aleman


M.O.D. Photography - Artist - FALL IN - Raquel Aleman - Headshots.jpg


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